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When the wheel of life runs out and peace come over me Just take me back to that old town between the hills and sea. When the north Kerry hills cut the Faele at Listowell At a farm on its banks lives a bitter old man And he swears by the shotgun he keeps by his bedside That he'll kill any tinker that camps on his land And yet, when he hears iron-shod wheels crunch on gravel Or a horse in the shafts of a bright caravan His day's work tormented, his night's sleep demented By the tinkerman's daughter, the red-headed Ann Here is a lovely musical version of this song. After a good start Norah led and was followed closely by Miss Moonlight, Wild Norah being third ; after the first round Wild Norah forged forward and was followed by Mr.

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Castlegregory's All Ireland Champion Footballers Arrive Home February 15th 2010